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About MCoBeauty

Meet MCoBeauty, Australia’s leading, affordable, cruelty-free beauty brand creating trend-focused makeup and beauty solutions for $30 or less.

MCoBeauty is inspired by you, everyday women that just want impactful yet affordable beauty solutions that achieve the same results as a high-end product would. We have not compromised quality, rather curated our offering to allow such a luxe for less price point.

Our goal is to make you excited about your next beauty purchase, because all our products have been tailored to better reflect what women really want in their beauty bags: believable, achievable beauty. Whether it’s a game-changing brow innovation, or the buzziest beauty trend of the moment, MCoBeauty’s promise is to make it accessible to you.

MCoBeauty was born out of the successful 17-year legacy of ModelCo, both founded by CEO, Shelley Sullivan. With a goal to further dominate the industry with luxe for less makeup and beauty solutions and tailor how the world shops for beauty, MCoBeauty evolved to offer just that. With price point, accessibility and trends always front of mind, MCoBeauty’s global strategy will continue to execute across social and digital platforms, large scale collaborations and powerful e-commerce and retailer channels.