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About ModelCo


Ever since we created our cult ModelCo Turbo Lashwand Eyelash Curler over 16 years ago, we’ve been thinking in pink. As a former model agent, Shelley Sullivan had an intuitive knack for anticipating what women (really) wanted in their makeup bags and bathroom cabinets. And so, with the goal of believable, achievable beauty, we launched our first-to-market heated eyelash curler in 2002, followed by our innovative world-first Tan Airbrush in A Can which created an entire new global beauty category and forever changed the way women self-tanned. ModelCo quickly grew into a complete collection of innovative, quick-fix, beauty products.

Soon enough, we became widely known and loved for our on-trend colour cosmetics, simple-but-smart, natural skin care, and award-winning self-tanning solutions. We’re proud to have featured in the most influential magazines, websites, beauty blogs and influencer hauls, and celebrities quite like us too. And thanks to the support of some friends in high places – from models and beauty editors to our original retailers like Colette in Paris, Sephora and New York’s Henri Bendel – we’ve managed to paint much of the globe pink.

Sixteen years later, we (still) dream big but talk truths. We are beauty futurists and remain dedicated to our search for the next big beauty breakthrough and sharing it with our customers around the world. We’re proud to have created over 250 products, including our innovative Lip Lights, featuring LED lights that automatically activate when opened, as well as a handy inbuilt mirror, the ultimate beauty product for a smart modern woman Plus we test them all in Australia on models, not animals, which has earnt us cruelty-free kudos and a big tick from PETA. We are dedicated to our #ModelCitizens and aim to change the way we think about beauty from the inside out!

We are social creatures at heart and love to collaborate on special projects with like-minded people and brands that have the same WOW factor as ModelCo. We’re known for creating exclusive, limited-edition collections with our fashion friends and model mates (Elle Macpherson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hailey Baldwin).

In May 2018 KARL LAGERFELD and ModelCo launched the KARL LAGERFELD + MODELCO limited-edition colour cosmetics collection. Featuring a range of innovative beauty products, the collection combines ModelCo’s high-quality formulas and innovative, technical packaging with KARL LAGERFELD’s artistic aesthetic that is sophisticated, modern and cool.


ModelCo is proudly cruelty-free and a PETA certified cosmetics company.
What this means, is that ModelCo do not test on animals at any point of a products creation. From supplier, producer, manufacturer or independent party all the way through to the shelves and into consumer’s hands, there are no furry friends involved.