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New Year Skin Resolutions


We share our best beauty hacks and skin pick-me-ups to get your complexion on the right track for the year ahead.

Ice Facial

A simple cube of ice can do wonders for your complexion. A skincare secret favoured by the inimitable Kate Moss, who turns to the humble ice cube in the morning after a big night out, this at-home beauty hack has some surprising benefits for your skin. While it’s not particularly pleasant, it gives your face a dewy, glowing look, not unlike that only achieved from a brisk morning walk on a chilly day. The ‘Ice Cube facial’ basically tightens all the pores on your face and promotes blood circulation to smooth the complexion and impart a natural cheek flush. It’s also beneficial in assisting with everything from acne, oil, fat cells and even wrinkles.

Tip: Make sure you wrap the ice cube in a cloth or let it start to melt slightly before you take to the face, as ice directly on the skin can burst blood capillaries. Finish with a generous spritzing of ModelCo Replenishing Rose Mist.

Exfoliate (more than you think you should)

That holiday glow starts well before you reach for the illuminator. Overindulging at Christmas, champagne and lazy days at the beach will take their toll on the skin more than you think. Despite diligence in applying SPF, skin can get suffocated in the heat – resulting in clogged pores and slower cell turnover. Upping your exfoliation schedule to 3-4 a week will wake up the skin and ensure any excess makeup or sunscreen build up and dead skin cells are swiftly scrubbed away. Upon doing so, you will allow your fresh, smooth healthy skin below to get back to doing it’s job properly – aka glowing!

ModelCo Exfoliating Cream Face Scrub is super gentle, with soothing granules combined with a formula packed with the nourishing properties of Vitamin E, Damask Rose, Rose Geranium, Lavender Oil and Lemon Myrtle to really inject life into lackluster skin.

Replenish and Hydrate

Let’s face it, holiday skin never quite gets the treatment it deserves. We suspect you hardly spent these extra days off inside giving your skin some serious TLC (but high five for you if you did!). If your day off read anything like ours (beach, swim, eat, cocktail), it’s high time that skin got a little added moisture to make up for it.

It’s the year of the face mist. So vow to never leave the house without our best selling Replenishing Rose Mist. Spruce up tired makeup and keep skin hydrated and toned all day long whilst out and about or sitting at your desk (sigh).

When you get home, whip off any traces of makeup or sunscreen (try ModelCo Double Sided Facial Wipes) before applying a generous few drops off your favourite skin oil. Super-quick to absorb, our skin-quenching elixirs (ModelCo Rosehip Luxury Facial Oil and Macadamia Luxury Facial Oil) are packed with all the hydrating, firming and brightening ingredients you could wish for. Let your skin drink up the serious glow-y goodness and any skin sins may just be forgiven.

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