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About Lash & Line

How do I use LASH & LINE Superlash Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner?

Eyeliner: Apply to clean, dry skin. Remove eyeliner cap from bottle and wipe excess liquid onto the side of the bottle rim before applying. Gently pull the eyelid taut towards your ear and start at the inner part of the lid. Draw a thin line evenly along the upper lid getting as close to the lash line as possible.

Mascara: Position wand horizontally & wiggle brush from side to side moving from base to tip. To achieve maximum volume, length & lift alternate between the flat side of the brush and the curved side of the brush. Layer generously as desired.

How can I get a superfine line from the eyeliner?

When you remove the eye liner cap wipe the brush on the side of the rim to remove excess formula allowing for a super sleek line.

Can I build on the mascara to get more volume and length?

Yes this formula is designed to be layered and buildable for dramatic volume & length. The more coats you apply the more he more dramatic the look.

Why are there short bristles on one side of the brush and long bristles on the other?

The dual action brush has been designed to give maximum volume & length. The short flat bristles coat lashes and builds volume whilst the longer bristles define, separate and lengthen the lashes.

Will it clump on my lashes?

No. However, it needs to be applied correctly. Simply use LASH & LINE’S brush and apply the mascara with a series of at least 5-10 strokes alternating between the flat side of the brush and the curved side of the brush allowing you to build volume and length at the same time. Let the mascara set for two to three minutes without touching the lashes and then re-apply for extra definition.

Is LASH & LINE waterproof?

No but it is water-resistant and long wearing due to the tubular formula. The formulation builds binding “tubes” around the lashes, enabling fast drying, long lasting wear and ease of removal.

How should I remove LASH & LINE?

Apply some ModelCo Cream Cleanser onto a cotton ball/pad, place directly onto your closed eyelid. Hold it there for about 15-20 seconds. Wipe away gently. Repeat if necessary.

How long will my bottle of LASH & LINE last for?

This does depends on how often and how much you apply LASH & LINE. When used daily it will last approximately 2-3 months. We do suggest replacing mascara every 3 months.

What can I do to prevent my mascara from drying out?

To prevent your LASH & LINE from drying out, avoid rapidly pumping the wand in and out of the tube as this only allows more air in, which will shorten its life. Also make sure the lid is closed tightly on both the eyeliner and mascara.

How long will my liquid eyeliner last on my eyes?

LASH & LINE Liquid Eyeliner will stay put until you remove your makeup. Please note that any contact with water or excessive rubbing of the eye area will cause the eyeliner to fade or transfer.

Will my mascara and liquid eyeliner run out at the same time?

This entirely depends on the frequency on which you use both products and whether you use them at the same time. With regular daily use of the 2-in-1 product, both the mascara and the liquid eyeliner should last you the same amount of time.

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