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Face - How To

How to:
Banish Winter Skin

There is nothing fun about winter skin. Red, dull and drier than the Sahara, it’s hard not get fed up. So to stop you reaching for a balaclava over your beanie, here are our tricks and tools to help save your skin.


The best way to counteract red skin is with a green based primer. This wiz kid also acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps your makeup stay put for longer.

Shop it: Miracle Veil Skin Perfecting Primer, $54

Shower time
Your first instinct is go super hot and fair enough, it's cold outside! However, hot showers actually strip your skin of oils and moisture. Next time, go lukewarm so you don't dehydrate your pretty self.

Get your glow on
Banishing lack lustre limbs one application at a time, a little daily nourishing self-tan will always make you feel better. Plus, it smells like Frangipani. Yum!

Shop it: Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturiser, $14.95

Correct and cover

Instead of letting makeup play havoc with your skin, choose a base that's chock full of goodness like Date Seed extract and Soy Derived Sterols to help look after it.

Shop it: Powerstick Duo Foundation, $24.95

Precious oils

Want to nourish your skin and smell like summer? Get friendly with the wonder that is extra virgin coconut oil. Naturally super moisturising, it fights dryness like there's no tomorrow.

Ace your face
With 12 in 1 skin and beauty benefits to fight the elements and provide coverage, this BB cream is a time-efficient skin savior.

Shop it: BB Plus Cream, $19.95

Pores no more
While it might not be winter specific, battling pores is always on the agenda. Camouflage your problem spots with this clever, velvet formula.

Shop it: Skin Perfect Pore Minimiser, $32

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