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How to: D.I.Y Halloween Nails


Halloween is fast approaching. For these of you who not partial to a head-to-toe transformation, we enlisted the help of the talented ladies at I Scream Nails to show us how to let our fingertips get in on the Halloween action instead.


Step 1. After filing and buffing your nails to your chosen shape, apply one coat of ModelCo Nail Polish ‘Base Coat’. Taking the time to apply a base coat simply protects your nails and creates a base for your colour to adhere to, meaning your nails will stay chip-free and glossy throughout the Halloween festivities.

Step 2. Apply two coats of Modelco Nail Polish in ‘Aspen’ leaving ample drying time between each coat. Before you start on the finer details you wan to ensure your nails are 100% touch dry to avoid any smudging.


Step 3. This next step requires a steady hand – cover half of the upper half of the nail (closest to the tip) with a crescent shape orange base. We used ModelCo Nail Polish in ‘Vitamin C’.

Tip: If it helps, try using round reinforcement stickers (available from any stationary store) to line up the oval shape. Place the sticker onto the top of the nail to trace around the outer curve. Remove and fill in the tip with the required colour. Voila. Pumpkin!

Leave to touch dry.


Step 4. Take a toothpick and dip it into the ModelCo Nail Polish in ‘Fire Cracker Red’. Trace around the edge of your orange crescent with a thin red outline.

From the middle of the red outline, trace the toothpick out towards the nail top to form rounded ‘V’ shape.

Take the clean end of the toothpick and dip into ModelCo Nail Polish in ‘Love to Party’ to complete the tip of your pumpkin shape with a green stalk.

Wait five minutes before embarking on the final touches.


Step 5. Take a fresh new toothpick and arm yourself with ModelCo Nail Polish in ‘Little Black Dress’. Go slowly and concentrate, this is the trickiest part of the design.

For each nail, carefully place a small dot, a half triangle and a filled in semi-circle to mimic the face of your Jack O’ Lantern.

It might take a few tries to perfect this, so we suggest practising on a piece of paper before going in for the kill on your nails.

Finish off the black small black dot with a dab of ModelCo Nail Polish in ‘Aspen’ to create the illusion of an eye.

Step 6. Allow at least twenty minutes to try before finishing off with a coat of ModelCo Nail Polish ‘Top Coat’ to set your polish and add an extra glossy finish.

Tip: Using a cotton tip dipped in nail polish remover, clean up around the nail ensuring no nail polish is left on the skin.

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