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Face - How To

How to:
Long lasting makeup tips

We hear you, ladies; getting your makeup just right at 8am only to experience a ‘beauty landslide’ by midday is frustrating to say the least. However, with the right products and a little technique, this common beauty woe can be easily avoided. Consider your ‘face’ firmly in place with our how to guide.[magento_product id=”74″ title=”1″ link=”1″ price=”1″ align=”right” ]

Prime time

It’s no wonder makeup artists swear by makeup primer. Instead of letting your carefully applied look sink into or slide off your face, a makeup primer like ModelCo’s cult favourite Face Base Skin Primer, acts as a second skin for your cosmetics to cling onto for up to 10 hours. The oil-free formula also helps to fill in fine lines and nourish your visage at the same time.

Blend in

Did you know that blending your makeup not only helps avoid cringe-worthy tide lines, it also bonds it to your skin for longer lasting effect? Just use your fingers to blend around the chin and down your neck. While you may be time poor in the morning rush, it’ll save you reapplying later.

[magento_product id=”199″ title=”1″ link=”1″ price=”1″ align=”left” ]Tint it

If it’s longevity you’re after, add a cheek tint to your beauty regime. While powder and cream blush are both hardworking colour-providers, a gel-based tint temporarily stains your skin (read temporarily), moving for no one but your remover. Try ModelCo Cheek & Lips Tint for a double whammy of staying power.

Pout power

If your lipstick goes walk about almost instantly, try using a no-budge formula like ModelCo’s Party Proof Lipstick range. With fewer emollients than high-sheen lipsticks, it stays put for so long you’ll forget you’re wearing it.[magento_product id=”84″ title=”1″ link=”1″ price=”1″ align=”right” ]

Ready, set, go

Now it’s time to seal the deal with a makeup setting spray. ModelCo’s Beauty Fix Airbrush Face locks in your makeup without disturbing it, using a clear (yet ever so slightly luminous) formula to seal and protect your beauty. It’s the Holy Grail for special events and just as impressive when you’ve got a long day ahead. Consider your beauty budge-proof!

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