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How to: Look good in photos with Sydney Fashion Blogger

We’re the first to admit that getting your photo taken (or taking your own photo, as it now stands) is a pretty daunting thing. You never know where to look or how to stand, your smile is strained and a lot of the time, no one is one hundred percent pleased with the results. So, to take our amateur snaps to profile picture proportions, we asked blogging sensation and queen of the ‘selfie’, Sydney Fashion Blogger’s Antoinette Marie for her top tips on looking good in photos.

Prime position
Marie says that how you stand or sit generally “depends what you’re wearing” but for a good rule of thumb, just learn from the pros. “One of the most popular poses I’ve noticed on the red carpet is to slightly turn your body away from the camera, position your head towards your shoulder and smile,” reveals Marie.[magento_product id=”172″ title=”1″ link=”1″ price=”1″ align=”right” ]

Don’t skip the blush
Everyone looks better with a bit a colour in their cheeks, especially when in front of the camera. Marie recommends a little blush to give you that “effortless” glow but warns that too much is well, too much, “If you’re too heavy-handed, you will look unnatural and clown-like”, she says.

Go matte
“If your skin is oily, it’s best to avoid dewy foundations as these will make you look like a disco ball in photos – especially if there’s a flash,” warns Marie, who recommends matte coverage for photo-worthy skin. “A matte finish works well for me as it makes my skin look clear and defined”.

Watch the sun
Always have your back to the sun to avoid looking into direct sunlight when posing for a photo, “It can bring out every flaw and make you squint, which will draw attention to wrinkles,” says Marie.

Add a red lip
If a few too many coffees and endless glasses of red wine have taken their toll on your once pearly whites, just add a red lipstick, “Aim for traffic-light reds and steer clear of maroons, as these can make you look older in photos,” recommends Marie.

Practise makes perfect
If you think the ultimate ‘selfie’ was taken in one quick snap, you are very mistaken. Marie says it doesn’t hurt to take a few rehearsal shots to nail the perfect look, “Everyone has a good side, it’s just a matter of finding it and flaunting it”.

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