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How to: Work out and Look good


Our tips to ensure your skincare regime is as solid as your workout.

While looking in the mirror might not be the first thing that crosses your mind as you roll out of bed at 6am, looking after your skin before, during and after exercise is crucial to keeping a clear and healthy complexion.

Let it be known that working out can do wonders for your skin. Working up a sweat and getting the blood circulating is the best way to get your natural glow on and leave skin plumped, healthy and supple. However with any serious cardio session comes some serious sweat, which can be problematic. As your body temperature rises during a workout, the pores open up and start releasing oil that can clog your pores. Combine this with the toxins that start to sweat out as you workout? Hello breakouts!

We’ve got a few tips for ensuring your skin stays gorgeous and breakout free post-workout.



Most of us will religiously wash our faces after a workout, but a quick facial cleanse before you start to sweat should always happen too. A quick cleanse with a gentle, cream based formula (Try ModelCo Cream Cleanser) will softly remove all traces of dirt without stripping the skin.

A good moisturiser will wake up the complexion and add a protective barrier before you begin your workout. Skin can get dehydrated during a sweat session, so it’s important to keep it hydrated and retain moisture.

Exercising outdoors? Ensure you slap on an SPF before you walk out the door. No matter what time of day you’re working out, the lightweight and mattifying ModelCo Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen will be your skin’s best friend. Armed with a no nonsense, broad spectrum SPF50, you can be rest assured your face is in good hands and protected from any harmful rays.


While you shouldn’t need to do anything to your face during a workout, a little skin boost can come in the form of facial mist. ModelCo Replenishing Rose Mist is a handy multitasking facial spray that will refresh and hydrate mid-way through a sweaty gym session with a calming rose scent.

Tip: During a workout, try to avoid all contact with your face. Sweaty hands on the face (especially these that have been across shared gym equipment like weights or treadmills) are more likely to transfer bacteria or dirt so keep a spare towel handy and be sure to wash your hands immediately after the workout.


It’s imperative to wash your face thoroughly after your session has finished. Keep in mind the skin will be sensitive after a workout so go easy on any serious skincare such as serums or exfoliators. Opt for a splash of cool water immediately post session to refresh the face and close the pores, before following with a proper cleanse (wipes won’t cut it) and moisturiser.


When it comes to fitness, no makeup (or as a little as possible) is always preferable, as anything you put on your face will essentially be clogging your pores. Let’s remember that you’re here working out for your body, not for your face, so the very best thing you can do for your skin is to avoid anything that resembles makeup (even tinted moisturiser or primer) for the duration of a workout. If you’re hitting the gym straight from work, make sure you carry some makeup wipes in your bag to whip anything off before you start to sweat. ModelCo Double Sided Cleansing Wipes will be your new best friend.

However, the majority of us want to look at least a little presentable, so the good news is that a little mascara or lip colour are fine to wear when you’re working out. Opt for a water-resistant mascara (ModelCo Lash Xtend Lengthening Mascara is a great, clump free option) so that no mascara ends up sweating down your face. A natural lip stain such as ModelCo Cheek & Lip Tint will give your pout a subtle and natural hint of colour. Think more circuit floor and less cocktail hour.

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