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Five things you need to know about blush

If you want to look radiant from within – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t – blush is the product for you. Just brush up on these five essential facts and you’re guaranteed to nail the perfect skin pick-me-up. [magento_product id=”314″ title=”1″ link=”1″ price=”1″ align=”right” ]

1. There’s a formula for everyone 
Everyone can wear blush, it’s just a matter of finding a formula to suit your skin. If you have an oily complexion, opt for a powder like ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder to help combat excess oil and provide a shine-free finish. If you have dry or combination skin, a cream or gel formula like ModelCo Cheek and Lips Tint will give your cheeks a dewy, fresh-faced stain that won’t appear cakey.

2. The best colour is the most natural
While pop colour formulas look fun on the runway, the best shade for every day blush is the one that’s the most like your natural flush. Just give your makeup-free cheeks a little pinch and see what colour they turn and that is the hue you want to replicate. It’s that easy. [magento_product id=”308″ title=”1″ link=”1″ price=”1″ align=”left” ]

3. Always use a good brush
When applying powder blush, the right brush is critical to the perfect application. Look for a wide, soft dome shape like ModelCo Mini Kabuki Brush. The rounded head helps the powder hug the contours of your cheeks and soft, wide bristles distribute the powder evenly.

4. Application is key
Where and how you apply your blush is just as important as which formula and shade you choose. The rule of thumb is to always start from halfway across your face at the apples of your cheeks and sweep up and outwards towards your hairline. This sweeping technique directs the eye upward, creating the illusion of a more lifted, slimmer face.

5. It will brighten your face
As obvious as this may be, we tend to forget that it’s not just bronzer that can make your skin pop. Blush lends you a beautiful, healthy flush that radiates from within, lifting your face and helping to distract from tired eyes or thrown-together hair. Next time you’re feeling a bit drab, remember these tips and reach for your blush.

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