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How to: Body Contouring

Take your self-tan to the next level and create the illusion of a more toned body (without hitting them gym) using our guide for all over body contouring.

1. Prep and Exfoliate

A head to toe exfoliation is the first step to ensuring the perfect faux-glow application. Gently slough away dead skin cells with our innovative new EXFOLIATE Double Sided Body Wipes. The only self-tan remover wipes that work after self-tan has developed, these will gently and easily remove all traces of unwanted self-tan, eliminate streaks, lighten too-dark colour, clean stained palms and buff away any colour build up on knees, ankles or wrists.

Tip: Do all hair removal a day before applying your tan to ensure your skin isn’t sensitive. This will ensure skin isn’t sensitive and reactive to the tanning formulation.

2. Create a glowing base

A self-tan bronzing mousse is the easiest way to apply a great all over colour base that is even and natural looking. Tinted and an easily blendable, buildable formula, a tan mousse is perfect for these who like full control over their desired colour. For a fast-acting, dark tan, choose ModelCo ONE HOUR TAN. This revolutionary express self-tan formula allows you to control the colour of your tan by choosing when you shower. For those who prefer a lighter, sunkissed glow, try our newly formulated ModelCo TAN MOUSSE in Light-Medium.

Tip: The most important tool you need is an applicator mitt. ModelCo BLEND BUFFING MITT will protect your hands and allow you to evenly apply your mousse. Apply 2-3 pumps of product to your mitt, start at your feet and work your way up.

3. Contour time

It is important to remember that any body part you want to appear smaller should be a tiny bit darker than other areas. Darker areas absorb light, therefore creating less surface reflection. Fairer colours encourage light to bounce off the surface, making the area seem larger. See our handy ‘how-to’ guide below to help you self-tan yourself toned!

Tip: ModelCo’s award-winning TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN is a super fine, instant bronzer and self-tanning spray for the face and body and is perfect for body contouring. Famous for its rich, blue-green base, this unique self-tanner works with your natural skin tone to deliver an instant bronze with a self-tan formulation that deepens over 6 hours.



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