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How to: Neutral Smokey Eye with Christa Shell

Adorable Las Vegas-based beauty blogger; Vlogger and Instagram sensation Christa Shell shares with us a step-by-step guide to recreating one of her famously perfect eyeshadow looks.


Step 1:
Define your brows using the ModelCo Designer Brows Kit. I used the blonde shade to fill in mine however you can combine the shades together until you have the perfect match (or slightly darker) to your natural hair. Apply with the angled brush, focusing on sparse areas. The mini spoolie brush contained within the kit will help blend the product into the brows seamlessly. Finish with the clear brow wax to set and further define your handy work.

Step 2:
Using the centre shade in the ModelCo Eyeshadow Trio in Naturally Neutral, work the product into your eyelid area to define your crease as you see fit. This will add definition to your look as well as serve as a transition shade!

 Step 3:
What’s a look without a little shimmer, right? Using the third shadow in the ModelCo Eyeshadow Trio, apply it across the entire lid.


Step 4:
If you’re looking for more intensity or dimension, try this step. Blend the lightest first shadow to the center of your lid. This creates a lid highlight that compliments the look really well, giving it a halo appearance!

Step 5:
Redefine your crease and outer V (the outer corner of your lid) as you see fit. The lighter lid shades often cover and tone down the crease shade that we started with, so here’s the best time to bring it back. Now is the time to blend this shade subtly across your lower lash line to complete the look.

Step 6:
Using the ModelCo Eye Define Crayon Liner, add depth by defining your bottom waterline.


Step 7:
Using the black shade from the ModelCo Eyeshadow Trio in Smokey Eye, create a winged liner. Using an angled brush, draw a line across your lash line and gently work outwards and upwards diagonally so that it practically looks like a continuation of your lower lash line. The line should be heading in the general direction of the end of your eyebrow. Fill in and smoke out gently with your brush.

Step 8:
To finish your eyes, give your lashes a lift using the ModelCo Turbo Lashwand before finishing off with a generous coat of ModelCo Lash Xtend Mascara.


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