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Originally posted on The Thread

One of the most iconic names in fashion has left his signature sunglass-clad mark on cosmetics. Designer Karl Lagerfeld teamed up with Australian beauty brand ModelCo to create a makeup line that combines his unwavering artistic vision with their makeup expertise. The result is a luminous range of products for face, eyes and lips designed to light up your features—and in some cases, literally light up.


“Each product carries ModelCo’s signature innovative design. The limited-edition collection is a tightly edited, highly polished range of beauty products that are suitable for all skin types,” says Shelley Sullivan, the founder and CEO of ModelCo. Inspired by models and the hectic pace backstage, Sullivan’s brand, like Lagerfeld’s, has built a reputation for accurately anticipating women’s cosmetic needs and wants and then providing the tools to fulfill them. Combined, Lagerfeld and ModelCo are your trusted beauty and fashion companions, giving you what you need to look and feel your best—and have some fun in the process.

We are proud to announce that the KARL LAGERFELD + MODELCO collection is available in the U.S. exclusively at Nordstrom. Ahead of the launch, we spoke with Sullivan about working with Lagerfeld and which product is her personal favorite. (For us, it’s all about the Choupette Palette.

“I was impressed with his take on popular culture.

He really has his finger on the pulse of what’s hot.”

— Shelley Sullivan

Tell me, how did this collaboration come about?

After the huge success of the Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo campaign (featured on the front page of WWD), I received an email from the office of Karl Lagerfeld requesting to talk to me about coproducing a beauty range. In the months that followed, ModelCo successfully pitched for and won the beauty contract with Karl Lagerfeld. I was honored to fuse ModelCo’s beauty knowledge with one of the world’s most renowned names in design.

How did you determine what kinds of products to include in the collection?

We wanted each product to carry ModelCo’s signature innovative design as part of a range of uber-cool, on-trend beauty products. We also wanted the products to be fashion forward and mimic the trends and colors currently on the runway.

One of those trends is radiant, glowing skin, and the theme of the collaboration is “Illuminated Beauty.” How does this carry through the collection?

All products in the range are designed to illuminate your features. From the Lip Lights to the Highlighting Bricks, the Strobing Pens and the Liquid Glitter Eyeliners—they all create a WOW factor for your face and are suitable for all skin types and ages.

What is the most innovative product/formula in this collection?

The Liquid Liner + Choupette Beauty Stamp and the Liquid Liner + Kameo Beauty Stamp! I love the twist on a dramatic yet playful eye, and to my knowledge no one has done a Karl Lagerfeld or Choupette eye stamp before!

The packaging is highly covetable and really marries ModelCo’s signature pink with Karl Lagerfeld’s sleek, modern aesthetic. Who designed the packaging?

As the creative director of the Karl Lagerfeld team, Karl oversaw the design of the collection and packaging. We wanted to fuse together the two brands’ aesthetics for a fashion-forward twist on beauty.

Which product is your favorite?

I love the Lip Lights Top Coat in Pink Diamond, as this was one of the original ModelCo Lip Lights best-selling shades, so it has the nostalgia factor for me! I also absolutely LOVE Choupette, so I am a fan of the Choupette Eye Palette and the Liquid Liner + Choupette Beauty Stamp.

What’s your favorite memory from working with Karl Lagerfeld?

I was impressed with his take on popular culture. He really has his finger on the pulse of what’s hot. His team were incredible to work with—very creative and fashion forward—and made the creation of the product range a dream.

Will we be seeing these items used on the runway? (Or have we already?!)

I am sure the Karl Lagerfeld team will use this range in their next show or photo shoot! At ModelCo we design beauty products specifically for models. This was the foundation for the ModelCo brand, our true heritage.


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