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We celebrate our #1 best selling mascara with a special gift just for you.

There’s a lot to be said about the power of a good mascara. Even naturally long, or dark eyelashes can benefit from a little love. Love, in the form of volume, length and lift, that is.

The quest for larger than life eyelashes is a beauty experiment that most women will put their hand up for without question. Lucky for us, there are numerous roads to help get us there. Lash Growth Serum, False Lashes and of course, eyelash extentions. Eyelash extensions can be costly, and not to mention, extremely harsh and damaging to the lashes. However, the promise of long, fluttery eyelashes is irresistible to most of us and that’s where our iconic Fibre Lash mascara steps in. ModelCo took the ongoing obsession with false lashes, and bottled it.

Since it’s inception, Fibre Lash has been long regarded as the secret to doll-like, Bambi eyelashes. The revolutionary formula consists of two products, and three simple steps. Simply apply one application of mascara, followed by an application of the Lash Fibre, wherein lies the secret. The fluffy, cotton-like fibers magically pump up the volume and length of your lashes into false lash territory. To finish, apply a second coat of the Mascara to secure the lash fibres in place.
The ultra-luxurious, water resistant formula is smudge and tear proof and delivers voluptuous, high-impact length and clump-free lashes.

With an impressive resume behind it, Fibre Lash boasts the beauty seal of approval from the likes of Harper’s Bazaar (Top Lash Secret) and Women’s Health (Best Mascara) and was the number one selling product out of 80,000 when it launched into the iconic UK retail giant ‘Boots’.

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