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New York Minute

Here is your candid glimpse behind the scenes of our New York press day with Model Stella Maxwell.

ModelCo celebrated the US launch of the KARL LAGERFELD + MODELCO Limited Edition Collectable Beauty collection with a day full of press appointments, photo shoots & some full on GLAM of course.  In between interviews we sat with Stella for a quick 5 mins to find out more about the model behind the lense.

5 MINS WITH …. Stella Maxwell

  • What are your favorite pieces from the line? And why are those favorites?

LIP LIGHTS Lip Gloss in St Tropez Sunset and Matte Iconic Red I think the whole concept behind the LIP LIGHTS range is fabulous – I always need a light and mirror when applying lip gloss! For eyes I think the CHOUPETTE EYESHADOW PALETTE is hands down the ultimate fashionable colour edit of wearable eye shades. I also love the LIP BALM as this is such a cool collectable must have.

  • What are your three go-to beauty products or services for helping enhance your mood? Do you have a self-nurture routine?

Rose water, lavender oil and organic teas are my three go to beauty products. My routine is to try and keep my mind and body balanced. I do have to add though that now I am carrying around my Karl Lagerfeld + Modelco lip balm everywhere too.

  • Favorite body product? 

ModelCo Tan Airbrush in a Can – it gives such a beautiful bronzed glow.

  • Who is your beauty icon?

My beauty icon is the love between my mother and father. I love my family more than anything. But to answer along the lines of fashion, growing up Milla Jovovich in the Fifth Elelment and Angelina Jolie in Gia, were my beauty icons.

  • 5 Beauty essentials you can’t live without?

Rest, meditation, a nice light oil to hydrate, a facial every month from someone you trust and eating healthy and clean. Those are my beauty essentials.

  • What’s your secret for taking the perfect selfie

Now I can’t give you all my secrets can I. :). haha. For me it’s about that moment when you have the nice light and you are feeling good. It’s fun to share those moments.

  • The last thing I googled was…

The last thing I googled was how to make a tumeric tea latte. Hahah. That sounds crazy but its true.

  • The one song I cant get enough of right now is 

U, Me and Madonna by  1800 girls. I love that song.

  • My most treasured possession is

My dog Tripp. I don’t know if that’s a possession but if it is.

  • One thing I wish people knew about me is

That I love my job and I love my family and friends. And that I genuinely care about this earth and about humanity.

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