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NEWSFLASH: ModelCo Vegan friendly products

What you put on your body should be as good as what you put IN it…

We are excited to announce that selected ModelCo products now have the vegan certification which means they are cruelty free and also free from any animal ingredient or animal derived ingredients.

At ModelCo, we understand that our customers want to make ethical and informed choices when it comes to beauty and skincare. Everybody is searching for a more healthy and well-nourished lifestyle these days and for this reason ModelCo has become very conscious of how we source our own ingredients.

ModelCo is cruelty-free which means none of our products have been tested on animals.

ModelCo strive to offer our customers the best quality products that have minimal effects on the environment. By using safer products on your skin, you are not only protecting your body from absorbing all of the harmful toxins and substances found in regular cosmetics, but helping support the environment too.

ModelCo is proud to be a part of the handful of cosmetics brands who can feature the animal cruelty-free bunny logo on our products.

Look for our new vegan friendly symbol on products and shop the full list of vegan-friendly products.



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